My Alien Abduction

This is real serious stuff.


I might be contacted by top dogs in Hollywood any day now. If they can pay so much attention to Travis Walton for ‘Fire in the Sky’, then my experience will just rock their socks off.

Enjoy the video. I’m getting back to writing that blockbuster book now. Read more… »


Bubba Watson, secure in his manhood enough to play a new pink driver, has teamed up with PING for a “Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million.” All he has to do is hit drives of at least 300 yards. Gee, what is that chance of THAT? He averages 315 yards already. What a great way to raise money for charities. Read more… »

Waste Management Phoenix Open Logo

Maybe I’m a golf snob. The best three holes on the PGA Tour for watching in person used to be the 15th-16th-17th at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. To quote Yogi Berra: “It’s so busy that nobody goes there anymore.” Read more… »

Short Game Golf Swing Tips

The most important golf swing tips might be for the short game. You have more opportunity to shave strokes the closer you are to the green when you can hit it close. Here is a little pointer for when you are inside 30 yards. Read more… »

Golf Swing Tips with Nick Faldo

Golf swing tips from Nick Faldo make the driver swing look easy. This short video shows simple advice on the proper stance. Ah, to swing like Tour pro! Read more… »

PGA Tour - Slow Golf

The PGA Tour shows us every week how to play slower than molasses in January. It may make sense for the pros to take their time, since they often have gobs of money on the line. Unfortunately, too many weekend golfers copy the slow play of the pros. Slow play is a plague on weekend golf. Read more… »

Golf Fitness with Rick Miller

Golf fitness requires 4 keys to a good swing according to Rick Miller, America’s top golf fitness trainer. Rick explains what these keys are in this short video. His advice makes sense. Read more… »

Easy Golf Swing System

Question by callaway236: “has anyone used the easy golf swing system? it seems a little good to be true. im not sure if its worth 47$” Here is an answer from Kevin at EasyGolfIdeas. Read more… »

Golf Swing Tips for Long Drive

The most fun golf swing tips show you how to smash a ball as far as you can. Everyone dreams of being a heavy hitter. Just a couple of tips from Pat Dempsey might help you add a few more yards. Read more… »


TopGolfNut says: It seems to be do or die this year for Tiger Woods if he is to beat Jack Nicklaus’ record of 18 majors. He is no longer as dominant as he once was and he may not ever reach that level again, no matter how good his game gets. Too many young players can beat Tiger on any given Sunday. Read more… »