acme weapons company in north korea
Oh, those jokesters in North Korea are at it again. Apparently they haven’t updated their school physics textbooks since before 1952. North Korea’s announcement that they have tested an H-bomb has physicists around the world chortling in their beer. (Yes, my fellow geeks … we can, indeed, chortle in our beer.) Read more… »

outdoor urinalsHey, guys … do you really need 1.6 gallons of water to flush down a few ounces of pee? Probably not. Even more so if you still have an old-fashioned (now illegal) 3.5 gallon tank smuggled in from Canada. Read more… »

Never in my half-century of studying plants have I seen what I saw on this morning’s dog walk. Bees were visiting and collecting pollen from bermuda grass! These must be desperate times for bees. Read more… »



Buster the cat proudly brought in his second roof rat. Live. After a bit of excited screaming and teeth-gnashing (by Eve) and barking (by the dogs), we were all in a great mood for bedtime, as you can imagine. Read more… »

homer simpson gone crazy

Just found out about a new verb – to decrapify – while absorbing abuse from my new laptop. According to, it means to remove crap or unnecessary items from something, i.e., pre-installed software on a new computer. Read more… »

Our Good Buddy Amos

Amos came to the end of his ninth and final life on June 1, 2015. He lived a full life and we will miss him. Read more… »

poorly made in china

My kids used to laugh when I’d unleash some choice words about ‘Cheap Chinese Crap’ – some item or other that I got that had the all-pervasive ‘Made in China’ label on it. The quality of these kinds of things has never been great. Now even that level of craftmanship is deteriorating. Read more… »

My Alien Abduction

This is real serious stuff.


I might be contacted by top dogs in Hollywood any day now. If they can pay so much attention to Travis Walton for ‘Fire in the Sky’, then my experience will just rock their socks off.

Enjoy the video. I’m getting back to writing that blockbuster book now. Read more… »


Bubba Watson, secure in his manhood enough to play a new pink driver, has teamed up with PING for a “Bubba & Friends Drive to a Million.” All he has to do is hit drives of at least 300 yards. Gee, what is that chance of THAT? He averages 315 yards already. What a great way to raise money for charities. Read more… »

Waste Management Phoenix Open Logo

Maybe I’m a golf snob. The best three holes on the PGA Tour for watching in person used to be the 15th-16th-17th at the Waste Management Phoenix Open. To quote Yogi Berra: “It’s so busy that nobody goes there anymore.” Read more… »