diy disaster
Flat-pack furniture is cheap. DIY assembly requires more than I thought, though. Such as pain and blood.

A recently purchased desk from Amazon came with about a zillion pieces, with directions for assembly in 19 easy steps. It was called a “cherry wood” desk in the ad. It seemed as though the color was the only thing about it that resembled real wood. Glued sawdust would be more accurate. Very, very heavy glued sawdust.

It took me only about 6 hours, spread over a couple of days, to get the job done. It now stands in its final resting place. Never to be moved again in my lifetime. Unless I ‘disassemble’ it first — meaning, cut it up into little pieces with a power saw.

Some banged knuckles and a little slice of my left forearm added the required blood.

Swearing at the top of my lungs provided some relief. Except for the dogs, who hid out somewhere in the house until the project was finished.

Mr. Simpson, my 7th grade woodshop teacher, would have been aghast at the materials. I’m not sure how much cheaper this kind of crap can be. And I do mean cheap, as opposed to inexpensive.

Glad I got it out of the way. Now I can truly say that I will never, ever, ever do that again.

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