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Question by callaway236: “has anyone used the easy golf swing system? it seems a little good to be true. im not sure if its worth 47$” Here is an answer from Kevin at EasyGolfIdeas.

Callaway236 refers to this ad by Scott Myers: http://playeasygolf.com/.

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Answer by Kevin (in italics):

Not yet, but it’s seems pretty believable.

The golf swing is as important to a golfer as a forehand or backhand swing is to a tennis player. It is the be all end all of the golf game and unless you drive your golf ball accurately every time you swing at it – from the tee to the fairway to the green – you are going to consistently come up with the short of the stick when it comes to scoring your game.

Scott Myers, a golf player for over 20 years, picked up on a secret that adds up to 18 yards to your drive and in his ‘Easy Golf Swing System’, he shares the method that turned him into a better golf player with you.

Right off the bat he tells you that hiring an overpriced golf pro, buying the most expensive golf clubs on the market, and popping ridiculous pills is not going to improve your game. This simply makes good sense as any golfer can tell you that unless you have a good swing, the golf clubs you use won’t make a difference. That’s just common sense.

What’s really interesting about the way Myers presents his method is that he tells you he expects you to be skeptical about the information he will impart in his method. This is a good thing as most people are skeptical about too good to be true systems such as this. If you stick with it, though, you’ll find that his method is valid and really will improve your golf game.

Scott Myers’ book does help you improve your game and he covers everything from the basics of holding the golf club to the way you swing to your follow through. He also covers mental techniques in his method that are currently used by players such as Tiger Woods. Without the mind, most golf players will remain mediocre, but with a trained mind that can concentrate on the game at hand, players can improve their swing and accuracy.

Players who invest in Myers’ program learn how to get into that ‘Zone’ where everything just clicks into place. While you may only need five minutes a day to learn these mental techniques, you should remain aware that the method is not going to immediately improve your game. It does take time and practice in addition to physical practice with your golf clubs.

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