Save Water – Pee Outside

outdoor urinalsHey, guys … do you really need 1.6 gallons of water to flush down a few ounces of pee? Probably not. Even more so if you still have an old-fashioned (now illegal) 3.5 gallon tank smuggled in from Canada.

The solution is already at hand in certain cities around the world, such as in Amsterdam, where they have outdoor urinals (shown here). Of course, right here in Tempe, AZ, peeing outdoors violates public ordinance. It comes with a fine. Worse, it can be attached to a sex offender charge.

Pee-o-phobia runs deep in our sexually repressed society. Nobody in the presidential primaries will even mention it. Nope – not even The Donald. We will probably never get outdoor urinals.

Nevertheless, we have plenty of wide open spaces here in the Wild West, starting with our own back yards. Got a tree or wall that hides you? Got a place where only the garden gnomes can see you? Then go pee there. It is the environmentally sound thing to do.

We have a mega-drought underway. Aquifers are being drained faster than rain or snow-melt can replenish them. Food production is facing a slow death. Starvation is just around the corner.

Men, do your part to stop the madness – pee outdoors!

Just don’t get caught.

IF YOU DO … What can I say? The great U.S. of A. was built on civil disobedience. It is in our DNA. Somebody has to pay the price for social advancement, right?

As for Women?

Yes, there are strategies for women, too. Anyone with two X chromosomes can Google it and figure out what to do. I’ll leave it at that.

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