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Still looking for that edge over your weekly golf buddies? In the immortal words of Paul Hornung, “Practice, practice, practice.”

No sense in waiting any longer for one of these game changers, since Groupon has a deal on them now. Supplies are probably limited: Link here.

Of course, you could probably find a used set on Ebay or Craigslist. Imagine that! Used restroom equipment!

Only for the very frugal.

DnA Golf Driver

DnA Golf has outdone the big boys in developing the latest technology in golf gadgets for drivers. This company sells a club that you can modify to give more distance (even higher COR than USGA allows), different sound, and even a different logo, such as your own business. My own demo test had me hitting it consistently farther and straighter than any other brand in my life. Wow! Read more… »