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ElsaOur sweet, gentle little girl took her final breath just after midnight on May 1st. We buried her, wrapped in her favorite pink blanket, in a beautiful place on a sunny, forested hill. Although she is no longer here physically, Elsa’s loving spirit remains deep in my heart, where I will treasure it for the rest of my life. Read more… »

Our Good Buddy Amos

Amos came to the end of his ninth and final life on June 1, 2015. He lived a full life and we will miss him. Read more… »

poorly made in china

My kids used to laugh when I’d unleash some choice words about ‘Cheap Chinese Crap’ – some item or other that I got that had the all-pervasive ‘Made in China’ label on it. The quality of these kinds of things has never been great. Now even that level of craftmanship is deteriorating. Read more… »

Fantasy Golf League News

Play fantasy golf when you are not playing real golf. It is all the rage now. You can even win some money. Here is an update on the latest news about fantasy golf. Read more… »

Golf exercises become more important as your game changes. Your swing depends on balance and stability. The best golf workout must include exercises to improve them. Read more… »