Top 4 Keys to Golf Fitness

Golf Fitness with Rick Miller

Golf fitness requires 4 keys to a good swing according to Rick Miller, America’s top golf fitness trainer. Rick explains what these keys are in this short video. His advice makes sense. Read more… »

Golf Fitness – Swing Balance

Golf Fitness Enthusiasm

Balance is a key to any golf swing. It is a component of golf fitness, although it does not require strenuous exercise. Just a little practice as shown in this video by teaching pro Bobby Eldridge. Read more… »

ChiroFit is a fully automated Online program that will provide you with a biomechanical analysis of your body. It focuses on your posture, muscle imbalances, body types and fitness level, and then determines what underlying physical faults are causing your swing faults. It then automatically generates a Doctor of Chiropractic certified and personalized program to eliminate the problem areas and improve your golf swing. Read more… »

Golf And Fitness Advice From The Pros

Golf exercises become more important as your game changes. Your swing depends on balance and stability. The best golf workout must include exercises to improve them. Read more… »