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Golf Fitness Enthusiasm

Balance is a key to any golf swing. It is a component of golf fitness, although it does not require strenuous exercise. Just a little practice as shown in this video by teaching pro Bobby Eldridge.

Bobby actually offers a number of videos that focus on golf fitness regarding a balanced swing. Everything from a short game around the green, all the way up through the irons, fairway metals, and the driver. Pulling, pushing, swinging over the top – all these problems go away with this little drill.

Golf Fitness – Balance Drill

Bobby sure makes it look easy, doesn’t he? And he is a great guy, too.

Where Do You Waste the Most Shots?

Around the green, of course. Naturally, if you could hit the green in regulation every time, this would be a moot point. A high GIR is a dream come true. However, since this doesn’t match my reality, I have to depend on short shots, from 100 yards on in, to cut down my strokes. Advice in this video is good for reducing a stroke a hole on a bad day, and maybe even 4-5 strokes on a good day.

Pointers for golf fitness and balance,


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