Short Game Golf Swing Tips

The most important golf swing tips might be for the short game. You have more opportunity to shave strokes the closer you are to the green when you can hit it close. Here is a little pointer for when you are inside 30 yards.

For this pitch you want to have a grip that, when you look down with your hands on the club, you should be able to see two knuckles of the upper hand. Your grip should be closer to the shaft than to the top of the club grip.

Stand with your feet spread a little less than shoulder width, with the ball in the middle of an open stance. Hands should be a little ahead of the ball.

Your weight should be mostly on the forward foot, shoulders aligned with the target.

Bring the club back by cocking the wrists, until the shaft is parallel to the ground. As you swing, remember that you MUST accelerate through the ball. Deceleration, which is unfortunately all too common on short shots, leads to chunked or skulled shots.

Choose the club that will get the ball to the green in the shortest distance – i.e., to the front edge of the green – then watch it roll to the cup!

Sounds easy, and it should be.

Easy golf swing tips,


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