Golf Swing Tips – Inside 30 Yards

Short Game Golf Swing Tips

The most important golf swing tips might be for the short game. You have more opportunity to shave strokes the closer you are to the green when you can hit it close. Here is a little pointer for when you are inside 30 yards. Read more… »

Easy Golf Swing Tips From Nick Faldo

Golf Swing Tips with Nick Faldo

Golf swing tips from Nick Faldo make the driver swing look easy. This short video shows simple advice on the proper stance. Ah, to swing like Tour pro! Read more… »

Golf Swing Tips for Long Drive

The most fun golf swing tips show you how to smash a ball as far as you can. Everyone dreams of being a heavy hitter. Just a couple of tips from Pat Dempsey might help you add a few more yards. Read more… »


TopGolfNut says: the most important golf swing tips involve chipping. Good chipping is especially important for duffers because we simply do not hit the green in regulation as often as we should. Here is some simple advice on how to make consistently good chip shots. Read more… »

Top 3 Most Important Golf Swing Tips

Golf Swing Tips Practice

Famous golfers and non-golfers alike ALL agree on what the top 3 most important golf swing tips are. In fact, these 3 tips have been immortalized even by top professional athletes in other sports. It is not so confusing when you see what I mean here. Read more… »

Golf Swing Tips Update 42

Golf swing tips can be overwhelming. Take it easy on yourself and see what some of the latest updates are. Maybe one of the pros is helpful, or maybe another amateur or even a duffer. Just some food for thought. Read more… »

Here is some great stuff about training your mind for playing better golf. Great golf swing tips for chipping, too. Read more… »

The best golf swing tips show you how to learn the proper golf swing and repeat over and over again. This is exactly what you get from world renown instructor Bobby Eldridge. His 7 Step Golf Swing is the simple way to repeat a near perfect golf swing. Read more… »

Golf Swing Help In Three Steps

Overwhelmed by too many golf swing tips that don’t work? Golf swing help is just too danged complicated. How about starting with just three steps, then seeing how much they help before going into overwhelm mode with all the advice from well-meaning friends, from golf instructors, and from online. Start here. Read more… »

Okay, I just had to go out today and see how Bobby’s advice could help me. It is always fun to play hooky from work and hit the links. Of course, nothing against what Bobby says about improving the short game, although it is often the nut behind the wheel (me) that determines success. Here is what happened today. Read more… »