Bobby is such a cool guy. He is also very observant and offers simple advice to get better. I love this short video because he shows me why I botch my short shots and how to fix it. Thanks, Bobby! Read more… »

Everything can be just right in your golf swing and still result in short and inaccurate hits unless you release the club head. This is the key golf swing tip for getting good compression on impact. This brief video shows you how. Read more… »

Charles Barkley Golf Swing

This is a pretty infamous golf swing by now. It is by a former professional basketball player who is incapable of executing even a half-way decent golf swing. Charles Barkley is obviously a well-coordinated athlete. The point that I want to make is that his swing flaws are entirely based on his mindset. If this doesn’t tell you how important it is for getting your mental game in shape, nothing else will. Read more… »