Okay, I just had to go out today and see how Bobby’s advice could help me. It is always fun to play hooky from work and hit the links. Of course, nothing against what Bobby says about improving the short game, although it is often the nut behind the wheel (me) that determines success. Here is what happened today. Read more… »

Bobby is such a cool guy. He is also very observant and offers simple advice to get better. I love this short video because he shows me why I botch my short shots and how to fix it. Thanks, Bobby! Read more… »

The Perfect Golf Swing

What I mean by this is that whatever you can do to eliminate flaws will get closer to the [tag-tec]perfect golf swing[/tag-tec]. The No Backswing Golf Swing does just that. Take a look at my home movie. If you are at all like me, you will see how neat this little trick is for your own golf game.

Shoot ’em straight,