Golf Swing Tips Update 42

Golf swing tips can be overwhelming. Take it easy on yourself and see what some of the latest updates are. Maybe one of the pros is helpful, or maybe another amateur or even a duffer. Just some food for thought.

Why Update 42 for Golf Swing Tips?

Okay, this is just me being funny. Or, as my kids are fond of saying, me being NOT funny. Today is a fresh slate, starting with the number 42 because it is the answer to the question, “What is the meaning of life, the universe, and everything?” If you haven’t read Douglas Adams’, “Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy,” then this won’t make sense. Nevertheless, it is my rationale for starting out with an ongoing series with the number 42,

What about the golf swing tips for today? If you, like me, are often overwhelmed with too much information, regardless of how good it is, then my advice is just to read over a few things, take some ideas to the range with you, and see what helps.

I am often impressed by all the great advice that I see from Tom Watson in whatever golf magazine that I may be reading. He is a world beater in golf and has a lot of great pointers. Love the guy. Unfortunately, most of what he offers is simply not appropriate for me.

With that in mind, take a look at a smattering of pointers that I have found, which seem more applicable to my game and maybe to yours. These are just ideas at the moment. Later, if and when I get a chance to use them myself (or you do, and comment back at the end of this post), we’ll see how well they worked or not.

Simple Golf Swing Tips Articles Online

Here is a short list of what I have been reading about today. Isn’t it great that you can access these online, in the comfort of your own home (or sneaking a peek at on a break at work)?

3 Golf Swing Tips For Instant Results

Are simple golf swing tips a waste of time? Well, to improve your golf game there is no substitute for getting proper instruction from your local pro. He can help you develop sound technique and work out a practice regime to

Publish Date: 12/26/2011 6:09

Best Golf swing tips ever | The Real Feel Golf Mat Get A Golf Swing Like Tiger Woods! Lengthen your Drive and Cut your Handicap by 7-12 Strokes in Just Two weeks. You Can Unlock Your.

Publish Date: 12/26/2011 0:36

And a Couple of Nice Videos, Too

Swans Golf Secret #1

Use a metronome to help steady your swing.

Golf Weight Shift For Increased Hidden Distance – Golf Tips Success

Having a good weight shift is easy to do with the right golf tips, once you can make a good weight shift, you can have more distance that is essentially just a small add-on to your golf swing. Check out for…

That’s It for Now – Enjoy!


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