TopGolfNut says: the most important golf swing tips involve chipping. Good chipping is especially important for duffers because we simply do not hit the green in regulation as often as we should. Here is some simple advice on how to make consistently good chip shots.

Chipping Does Not Have to Be Hard

The shortest of shots into the green can be difficult if you don’t understand the basics of the chip shot.

Here is a short video that offers some excellent pointers.

I’ve been working on an easy way to hit short shots since I took a lesson from my local teaching pro, Scott Little, a few months ago. He helped me see how to simplify what I was doing and be more consistent in getting good results: i.e., fewer shots and better scores.

As you saw in the video, the keys that I learned are:

1) Stance: Keep it narrow, with feet close together and more of the weight on the left side.

2) Ball position: Keep the ball closer to the back of the stance, off the right foot, so the hands are ahead of the ball.

3) Swing path: Swing as if putting, so the head of the club follows more of a straight line, chasing the direction of the ball.

4) Hit down on the ball! This is crucial. If you fail on this point, then all kinds of thing go wrong and a good shot is unlikely.

5) Bonus key: Accelerate through the ball. The most common source of inconsistency in my short game comes from slowing down, or decelerating, through my swing. It usually causes me to hit the ground first, or some other equally godawful outcome. A good short swing absolutely must accelerate all the way through the hit.

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